Arthur L. Burnett, II, M. D., M.B.A.
Arthur L. Burnett, II, M. D., M.B.A.

Patrick C. Walsh Distinguished Professor of Urology,
Professor, Oncology Center
Director, Basic Science Laboratory in Neurourology
Director, Sexual Medicine Fellowship Program
Faculty Member, Cellular and Molecular Medicine Graduate Training Program

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

JHH-407 Marburg 21287

Appointments: 410-955-6100

Office: 410-614-3986


Fax: 410-614-3695

    Title: “Treatments for Male Sexual Dysfunction."
    Patent No.: 5,439,938
    Date: August 8, 1995
    Inventors:Solomon H. Snyder, Arthur L. Burnett, Charles J. Lowenstein, David S. Bredt, Thomas S.K. Chang.
    Abstract: Methods and devices are taught for regulating penile erection and urethral function. Inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase and precursors of nitric oxide are applied to relax or contract the muscles of the corpus cavernosum and the urethra.

    Title: “Method for Treating Nerve Injury Caused as a Result of Surgery"
    Patent No.: Pending (Serial No. 10/156/735)
    Date: June 29, 2002
    Inventors: Joseph P. Steiner, Solomon H. Snyder, Arthur L. Burnett
    Abstract: Methods for treating nerve injury caused as a consequence of surgery, and specifically as a consequence of prostate surgery, or for methods of neuroprotection of penile innervation, by administering a neurotrophic compound to a patient in need thereof.

    Title: “Prevention and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction”
    Patent No.:   Pending (JHU Ref. 4446)
    Date:  March 22, 2005
    Inventors:  Mohamad Allaf, Arthur L. Burnett
    Abstract:  Method for treating erectile dysfunction secondary to cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, post-surgical damage, diabetes, etc. using erythropoietin.


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