David  J. McConkey, Ph.D.
David J. McConkey, Ph.D.

Director, Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
Professor of Urology The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute


Institutional Administrative Appointments

1/1999-1/2004 Faculty Senate, Member.
1/1999-present Internal Advisory Committee, AML P01 (PI: Andreeff), Member.
1/2000-1/2003 Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, Member.
1/2000-1/2003 Experimental Therapeutics Advisory Committee, Member
1/2001-1/2005 Conflict of Interest Committee, Member.
1/2001-present UTMDACC CTDP Study Section, Member.
2001-present     Executive Committee, Bladder Cancer SPORE, Member.
1/2002-1/2005 Research Laboratory Space Subcommittee, Member.
1/2003-1/2004 Department of Urology Chairman Search Committee, Member.
2004-2008Executive Committee, Pancreatic Cancer SPORE, Member.
1/2008 Postdoctoral Advisory Committee, Member.
1/2008Executive Committee of the Science Faculty, Member.
1/2008Internal Advisory Committee, Lymphoma SPORE (PI: Younes), Member.
2012-2014  Institutional Research Executive Committee, Member.

Professional Societies

1993-presentAmerican Association for Cancer Research
1993-2003Gulf Coast Society of Toxicology
1993-2004 Society of Toxicology
1993-2005 American Association of Immunologists
1993-2005American Society of Hematology
2007-presentAmerican Urological Society
2007-presentSociety of Basic Urological Research, Houston, TX
2007-presentSociety of Urologic Oncology
2008-presentAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology Member

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